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Important Information:

- All knitting sets come in their own case with cable connectors, end stoppers, stitch markers, a needle gauge, and tightening keys.

-Combo Packs come with one set each of same size 2" & 3" tips, 5" & 6" cables, and tightening keys.

-Combine our 2" cables (come 3 cables per package) with any of our interchangeable tips ([M] or [S]) to make flexible double points.

-The T-SPIN Tunisiain set only comes with [S] red TWIST cables.

-Adapters are included to allow crocheters to use the [L] size hooks with the [S] diameter cables.

-All 4" MINI tips (000-1.5) and Shorties tips are solid with a tightening hole EXCEPT for the 3" tips sizes 4 - 8.

-Tip sleeves are available for the 4" & 5" MINI and 2"/3" Shorties tips.

-All metal parts are made of surgical stainless steel.

-All knitting sets come with three cable lengths in the appropriate diameter size for the set - [M] or[S]
and/or [L].

-TWIST & SPIN parts and pieces are switchable when the join sizes are the same.

-All tips, cables, hooks, cases, tip sleeves & accessories are available for separate purchase.

-US2.5, US10.75 & US10.875 (3mm, 7mm, 7.5mm) knitting tips are not included in all sets but are available for separatepurchase.

-2", 37" and 50" (5cm, 93cm and 125cm) long cables are not included in any set but are available for
separate purchase.

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